Ethical statement

About the journal

"Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny" ("The Pedagogical Quarterly") is a scholar journal appearing since 1956, publishing theoretical and research articles in the field of education and its sub-disciplines and other social sciences.

"The Pedagogical Quarterly" is an indexed journal, indexed in the following databases: ERIH (European Reference Index for the Humanities), CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library) and CEJSH (The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities). According to the recent list of scientific journals of The Ministry of Higher Education and Science in Poland, for the publication in "The Pedagogical Quarterly" the author shall receive 10 points.


Scholarly integrity

Editorial Board make every effort to eliminate all forms of academic dishonesty in the publication process, such as ghostwriting and guest authorship.

We may talk about "ghostwriting" when someone has made a substantial contribution to the publication, without revealing their participation as one of the authors or without mentioning their role in the acknowledgments in the publication. Therefore the editorial staff ask for providing information on the co-authors of the research, the results of which are reported in the article, as well as for identifying own contribution to the research results obtained.

We may talk about "guest authorship" when the contribution of the author is minimal or did not occur at all, and yet the person is mentioned as the author or co-author of the publication.

Therefore, the Editorial Board have implemented procedures to prevent cases of academic dishonesty and require the authors to disclose the contribution of individual authors to the creation of the publication and to provide the funding source of the publication, as well as to provide information about the contribution of research institutions, associations and other entities. Any manifestations of academic dishonesty will be documented and disclosed.


Reviewing process

The reviewing process of "The Pedagogical Quarterly" is consistent with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland. Each submitted manuscript is assigned an ID number identifying it at all stages of the reviewing process. The editorial staff make a preliminary assessment of the submitted materials for compliance with the journal’s academic profile and the formal and substantive requirements.

Texts which are pre-qualified for publication are sent for detailed peer review to two external reviewers in accordance with the double-blind reviews procedure, which means that the author and the reviewer remain anonymous to each other. Reviewers are not affiliated with the same academic institution as the author.

Reviews are prepared in writing and are made available to the author. Reviewers may: reject the text, qualify the text without reservations, qualify the text conditionally (which means the author shall amend the text according to the reviewer’s suggestions). The list of reviewers is published once a year.

The final decision regarding the publication is made by the Editor in Chief.

List of Reviewers of "The Pedagogical Quarterly" is published on the website of "The Pedagogical Quarterly" (

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