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I recommend that the library subscribes to

Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny.

The reasons for my recommendation:

  • In my opinion, the articles published in the journal are of the high quality. I am going to use them in my teaching and research.

  • In my opinion, students and reseachers should have an easy access to the journal because of its quality, international character and the opportunity it creates to learn about various educational perspectives.

  • I am a consultant editor for the journal, I will use it in the editorial work, as well as in my teaching and research.

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Department: _____________________________________________

Date: _______________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________



Information for Librarian:

PL ISSN 0023-5938. Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny is published four times a year in February, May, July and November.

Subscription rates, 2007: $64/yearly; $40/half-yearly; $20/quarterly.

Orders for subscription or back issues should be sent to the publisher:

Warsaw University Press

ul. Nowy Świat 4,

00-497 Warsaw,


tel. (+48 22) 55-31-333, e-mail:

tel./fax (+48 22) 55-31-318

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